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MAAS Metal Polish Large 4 oz 2 MAAS Metal Polish Large 4 oz
FREE Microfiber Cloth
MAAS Metal Polish Creme 1.1 lb Can
equals four large 4 oz tubes
FREE Microfiber Cloth
$12.95 $19.95 (save $13.90!) $29.99 (save $27.80!)
MAAS Jewelry Polishing Wipes 25 ct
Metal Polish Creme 4 oz formulated with MAAS Jewelers Polishing Rouge
Jewelry Cleaner 6 oz
FREE Microfiber Polishing Cloth
dry-treated with MAAS Jewelers Rouge
MAAS Metal Polish 8 oz Cook Top 8 oz
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Chrome 18 oz
2 FREE Microfiber Cloths (not shown)
MAAS Metal Polish 4 oz Creme
Liquid Metal Polish 8 oz Metal Protector 8 oz 2 FREE Microfiber Cloths (not shown)
$19.99 (save $18.93!) $25.99 (save $14.46!) $29.99 (save $14.92!)

Complete Polish Collection Special $54.99!


Independent test results for 28 metal polishes.

MAAS received the highest rating for retaining shine!

... Mortorcycle Consumer News


MAAS products restore 1958 Porsche and takes first place overall at the most competitive car show in North America

Patrick J. Yanahan
USA Chicago Inc.


" What makes MAAS so Magical?"

"... cleans tough stains on surfaces as diverse as fiberglass, aluminum and mirrors"

... Boating Magazine


Scientific Material International, Inc. tested MAAS for use on jet aircraft using methods approved by the Department of Defense.

Douglas Aircraft Company

... Scientific Material Inc. (SMI)


"... the results were amazing. Virtually every scratch was removed and the gun now has a brillant, clear shine - just perfect!"

... John I. Evans


MAAS Metal Polish is available at Marine, Naval Bases, Stations & Exchanges

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