Testimonial 1:

Dear Donna,

As one of the official merchandisers of General Motors licensed parts and accessories for Corvette,we find MAAS AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEME to be of superior quality.
From the fiberglass body to the chrome bumpers and wheels, MAAS products provide a remarkably deep, reflective mirror finish.



Testimonial 2:

After just returning from the Porsche Club of America Parade in Canada I wanted to share with you our good news and excitement.

This particular Concours is considered to be the most competitive event in car shows in North America. The Porsche Club of America is the largest single marque club in the world.

My wife Bonnie and I were very excited to have won first place overall with our 1958 Porsche 356A. This forty-year old car was brought back to showroom condition with many of your products.

The paint is 100% original but, of course, oxidized significantly over the years and by using your Carnuba cleaning wax I was able to hand polish the finish back to showroom condition. Additionally, I have used your Polishing Cream on the chrome as well as the aluminum trim that had also been significantly oxidized over the years.

This particular contest is judged by some of the most foremost restorers in the United States. They all complemented me on the condition and preparation of this rare automobile.

My congratulations to you and your company. I am enclosing a photograph for you.

Very truly yours,

Patrick J. Yanahan
USA Chicago Inc.

Testimony 3:

Dear Donna:

I am the Manager of Marketing & Merchandising for a Chicago based IndyCar Team, Player’s/Forsythe Racing Team Ltd.

A car enthusiast, I own a 1973 DeTomaso Pantera, an Italian, exotic sportscar. The car is equipped with the original Campanalo, magnesium wheels, oxidized, grey and pitted. I’ve tried everything under the sun; foams, treated wadding, acids, polishes and just plain elbow grease. Unfortunately, when I ask other car buffs which was the best, they all agreed “MAAS”. On numerous trips to stores, I searched for MAAS and only found “Mother’s”. Thinking I misunderstood, MAAS for Mother’s it was just like all the others.

It wasn’t until I purchased the real “MAAS” products at a recent gift show. I applied the formula to my 23 year old magnesium wheels. WOW! It’s like nothing I’ve used before. Now I am forwarding MAAS formula to our IndyCar shop to try. Our IndyCar utilizes, polished BBS aluminum wheels at $2,500.00 ea. We also plan to try your new MAAS car wax on the painted surfaces of the IndyCar.

1996, brings us a new driver, 20 year old Greg Moore. In addition to Player’s Ltd., sponsors include, Mercedes and Firestone. If we win the championship this year, it could it be the engine, it could even be the tires but it could be the MAAS!



Jim Cozzi,
Manager-Marketing & Merchandising

Testimony 4:

Dear Donna Maas:

We are very happy with your aluminum polish, that you recommended to clean our aluminum on our drag racing car.

There is a lot of aluminum on our car and we tried just about everything that’s on the market and MAAS beats them all.  The sealant also seals the surface from finger prints.  It’s just what we were looking for, it’s cuts down on the extra work of re-polishing.  Now we can use the extra time to do other thing on the race car that are needed to be done.

I would like to know?  If I could buy your polish and sealant at a wholesale price? I would sell it at the track to my fellow racer’s.  Please advise as to what the conditions are to buying at a wholesale price.

Thank’s Donna, for your good advice on a great polish.


Ron Pollich
Pollich’s Racing

Testimony 5:

Office of the President
MAAS International

Dear Ms. Maas:

Normally I don't write letters of a testimonial nature. However, this one is the exception.

For over 70 years, I have endeavored to polish various metals on my boats, autos, and other personal property. Among the products used were Dupont, Flitz, Brasso, Haggerty's Wrights, Nev-R-Dull, Boyer, Iosso, Simple Green, etal, et al.

I read the recent article in the Daily Harold about your product.and went that very day to look for MAAS polish, found it tried it on some badly tarnished brass. Walla!

Be prepared for merger and buyout offers in the near future,. You've struck a sweet chord with this development.

Very truly yours,

James R. Ogborn & Co., President
Consultants to Management

Testimony 6:

Dear Sirs,

Words can’t describe how thrilled I am with two of your products.  Simply put “WOW” .  Enclosed are pictures of a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme where your products were used.

Over the years, I have used many polishing and wax products with somewhat dismal results.  Both your MAAS polishing crème for all metals and the MAAS carnauba wax proved to be a)easy to use and b) far exceeded my expectations.  From a cost/benefit point of view, this is a must buy for all those that care about their prized possessions.

Best Regards,

Joel Marks
Director, Merchandising, Hardlines
Beaver Lumber Co Ltd.