Dear Ms. Maas:

Last weekend I discovered an amazing product, MAAS Polishing Crème.  Let me explain how much a simple tube of your crème means to me.

Thirty-two years ago, my mother gave me her Dirigold flatware.  It has a simple, beautiful engraved pattern and, since my father had purchased it for her in the early years of their marriage when money was scarce, means a great deal to me.  Over the years I have used the Dirigold as my primary flatware with my fine china.  The biggest challenge has been finding a way to keep its finish acceptable.  I simply could never find a cleaner that did the trick and, believe me, I tried a lot of cleaners.  That is, up until last weekend.

While shopping at an Ann Arbor hardware store, I accidentally came across your polishing crème and decided, once again, to take a chance on an unknown product.  The information on the box noted that it worked on all metals.  When I returned home I pulled out one of the forks from my set, slathered the crème on a cloth, and gave it a try.  To my complete shock, it worked!!!

Immediately, I called my mom in Florida to relay the great news.  She, like me, is elated and eager to see her flatware look like it did when she first received it all those years ago.  Best of all, it prompted her to recall and share with me episodes from her life when the Dirigold was new and she and my dad were establishing their home.

Earlier this week I called and spoke with your secretary, Jeanne.  She is a great salesman and, before I knew it, I had also ordered the Jewelry Systeme and the polishing gloves. Thanks for having such a great product and thanks for the memories it helped bring forward.

Yours truly,