Dear Ms. Maas;

Recently I had occasion to use one of your fine products, and I wish to inform you of the results.  A few months ago I inherited a used Model 39 Smith and Wesson handgun, a fairly old model, in nickel finish.  The gun was in fine working condition, but the finish was marred and scratched.  I showed it to a firearms dealer and was told that there was nothing I could do to improve the gun’s appearance, aside from completely refinishing it, which would be quite expensive.

I then called Smith and Wesson, the manufacturer, and was told that refinishing was out of the questions, as the piece was too old and they would not accept liability in case of damage.  The representative also told me that there was no product that would safely remove the scratches.  After trying Brasso and another polish with no success, I was ready to just forget the whole matter.  In short, the results were amazing.  Virtually every scratch was removed and the gun now has a brilliant, clear shine-just perfect!  I showed it to the dealer and he was quite surprised at how the finish was now flawless.  He also informed me that the piece had now nearly doubled in value.

I am so pleased with your product that I now recommend it to my friends.   It has many uses (my wife is now sprucing up her silverware), and the results are just great.  It is worth the price many times over.

Ms. Maas, I do not know what special ingredients you use in your formula, but it certainly gets the job done.  Congratulations and thank you!

Sincerely yours,

J. L. Evans