Dear Sir,

Sometime ago, I heard Clark Weber on the WAIT Radio Station highly recommending the MAAS Polishing Crème.  Well, I thought I’d try it, as I hadn’t had the best of luck with other polishes.

At a Dominick’s, I asked a lady employee as to where I could find the MAAS Polishing Crème, as I heard the wonders of this polish on the WAIT Radio Station.  She said she’d try it also.  I saw her at the store another time.   She thanked me and told me how delighted she was with MAAS .

So, on Friday February 19th, I called WAIT Radio Station and spoke with Clark Weber on the air “to comment about MAAS , the inexpensive polishing crème for all metals and glass with it’s cleaning and protective agents, and that it is the best I’ve ever used.”

“My old brass lamp came back to life, and even seemed to make the bulb shine brighter (and me, too).  My friends and relatives couldn’t help but notice the restored beauty to my old lamp.  Thank you for a wonderful product.”


Mrs. Strzelecki

P.S.  Never a miss with MAAS, the number one concentrated polishing crème that cleans and protects all metals and glass with a finished look of class.