Testimonial 1:

Dear Mr. Kinkade,

I recently purchased a metal cleaning product for my restaurants, MAAS POLISH.  It is exceptional and merits your attention.  I would like to see this product in your warehouse.

Nick Revelis
Copperfield’s Restaurant/Lounge

Testimonial 2:

Dear Ms. Maas,

We recently ordered another case of your Maas Polishing Crème.  I cannot tell you what an outstanding product this is.

Today the head of our Equipment Department handed me a box filled with damaged silver.  Most was ruined due to washing in abrasive cleaner.  We decided to try Maas Polishing Crème just to see if we could restore the pieces.  We were amazed!  Almost every piece has been returned to our inventory.

You have a product that every caterer needs to have.  As a member of the National Caterers Association, I think many of my colleagues would be very interested in receiving information.

Please call our headquarters in New York and speak with Mr. Frank Puleo.  I am sure he would be happy to send you information about this association and how to reach our membership.  His telephone number is 1-800-622-0029.



Testimonial 3:

WOW!  We were thrilled to receive your polish samples yesterday.  It was so thoughtful of you to remember us.

We immediately tried the polish out on our brass rail and couldn’t believe that, within seconds, they were actually gleaming!  Customers were watching me do the polishing and were equally as astonished.  I truly have never used anything that works as well as your product.   I was wondering if you have a catalog?  Some of our friends have Harley’s and would love to order some polishing products.  Some of our employers are also interested.

I’m sending you one of our tee-shirts and have enclosed our business cards. If you do have a catalog, would you mind just mailing it to the bar?  If you don’t have mail order, please give us a call and let us know where we can purchase your fabulous product.  We have this great upper-scale home furnishings/hardware store here called Restoration Hardware.  They pride themselves on providing all the best in unique home cleaning products and I have purchased certain metal polishes at their store in the past, but nothing has worked like MAAS .  It would be great if you could get your product into their stores.  I’m not sure if they’re a national chain or what, but we have several of their stores in the Twin Cities located in the more “trendy” neighborhoods.

Anyway it was so thoughtful of you to send the samples.  If you ever get into the Twin Cities, please visit us at McGovern’s, we’d love to buy you dinner.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Dianne Boemer
Patrick McGovern’s Pub & Restaurant