Testimonial 1:

Dear Donna,

I have started to stock the MAAS Jewelry Bathe (MAAS Jewlery Cleaner).  I filled my ultrasonic machine with the new solution and it made a world of difference.  My employees’ who clean their jewelry everyday noticed more sparkle and shine.  My customers have also noticed a marked difference which have generated more sales of your product.

Maurice Blackman and Sons

Testimonial 2:


I must tell you that this stuff is by FAR the BEST thing I have EVER discovered.  After using a powder polish on my platinum wedding band and taking it to a jeweler (who told me the finish was destroyed), I used MAAS on the ring and amazingly it looks brand NEW.  The jeweler who I brought it to originally could not believe that the ring could be shined again after the “powder product incident” and told me I would have no choice but to have the ring refinished (which would have cost in excess of $200).  However, one 2 oz tube of MAAS and $5.00 later, my ring looks great!!!


Testimonial 3:


Your MAAS Metal Polish is incredible!  Finally a product that does everything it claims and more.  I have an “Imperial Gold” ring that had turned an ugly orange.  I had tried everything to clean it – and was ready to send it back to the company.  After cleaning it with MAAS Metal cleaner (polishing crème) it looked like it did the day I pulled it out of the box 10 years ago.  I was thrilled.   Thank you so much for a wonderful product.  I will be your best advertisement.


Ms. Boemer

Testimonial 4:

I received a very expensive watch as a gift, and from daily wear, it began to look dull and worn.  I got in my car, on my way to a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned and buffed, when I remembered how well MAAS Polishing Cream worked on all the metals on my automobile.  I decided to try it on my watch, because if it didn’t help, I could still have it professionally cleaned.  Wow!  Not only does my watch look brand new, Maas seemed to leave a protective coating on it, that keeps it looking that way.  I would highly recommend Maas Polishing Cream for all fine jewelry.

Thanks for a great product!  
W. Krol

Testimonial 5:

Dear Ms. Maas:

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with your jewelry cleaning systeme.

I have used those pink and blue liquid jewelry cleaners.  However, over the years, they seem to have stripped away the original finish and stolen the life from my gems, stones, and metals.  My silver bracelets and necklaces had become discolored from using harsh liquid dips and other silver cleaners.

I recently received a gift of your Maas Jewelry Systeme and had to write and tell you how beautiful my jewelry is, thanks to your kit.  I don’t know what’s in your “secret sauce” but your cleaning and polishing products brought new life to my jewelry – actually many items look better than when they were new!

K Super

Testimonial 6:


Thank you very much for Maas Polishing Crème.   I just tried this on my jewelry with excellent results.  It’s the best I’ve ever used!!

Maas brought back the shine to my older enamel type earrings.  You’re the best!

Ms. Bedsworth

Testimonial 7:


By accident while shopping in our local Drug Store, I ran across your wonderful product the metal polish.  As a hobby I have collected and repaired wrist watches, pocket watches, clocks and cigarette lighters for many years.  I have used many types of polish, some even made in Germany, but none and I mean none can compare to yours, it does the work in half the time and it works so well on any metal as well as leather.

I am interested in your other products listed on the back of your instruction sheet, do you sell to private repair men like myself?  In most cases I repair and replace batteries in watches for very little, its hard to charge for our hobby.  Thank you again for your great product.



Testimonial 8:

Dear Sirs,

I recently read an article in the Long Island Newsday newspaper about your product.  I was impressed and ordered in through that advertisement.

I have since used your product on my gold jewelry, silver flatware and jewelry, copper pots, and lastly, on my treasured Stiffel Brass Lamps, which came out looking like I had just bought them (they are 22 years old!).

I would very much like to order from you.  Could you let me know how I go about re-ordering more and how much the cost could be.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention.


Mrs. Gustavsson