Testimonial 1:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have never written a letter like this before, but I feel I have to say something.  I have a beautiful kitchen with rich cherry cabinets.   However, the one area of concern was the 54 solid brass cabinet knobs.  They were tarnished, scratched, and just looked worn out.   My wife wanted to replace them, but being the home handyman, I decided to clean them.  After using several well-known products on a couple of knobs, I was fairly satisfied with the results and planned to work on all the knobs.  When my wife, the kitchen captain, saw the cleaned knobs, she said that she would just buy new ones, and she did to the tune of $200.00.
Before I installed the shiny new knobs, I was at a home improvement store and I happened to see your product display along with the video that was showing.  I figured it would be worth it to see how well MAAS worked.
Wow!  Impressive- the old, worn out knobs actually came out nicer than the brand new ones and it was easy.  Savings  $195.00.  Your product is truly impressive and I will certainly recommend MAAS .  This coming weekend I plan to MAAS my motorcycle.

Thank you for a super product.  I’m extremely impressed.  

A lifelong customer,


N. Schulman

Testimonial 2:

For years I had tried countless products on the metal track for our bathtub sliding glass doors.  I have spent hours upon hours of scrubbing to release the black build-up to no avail.  Finally, I ran across your product in a store, gave it a try and it did the job so easily, it is no longer a dread for me to clean.  THANKS for the miracle!

Got a tube of the metal polish this morning.  I had been looking for something to clean the gold-tone doors on a shower enclosure and saw the Maas and thought it might remove some residue.   I also had plans to buy two new brass faucets (at over $100.00 each) for my master bathroom this afternoon.  The solid brass ones there were discolored and even though I could get them looking nice for a few days after cleaning, they would soon look dull, green spotted, and cruddy.  I used the Maas on the brass and it looks like new!  It repels water and I feel like it will stay looking bright for some time.  SO…looks like the $200.00 for new faucets will stay in my pocket and I’ll be buying more polishing cream to use all over this house.  I don’t ever send comments on a product I’ve used, but I’ve got to tell you that this stuff is incredible!

Thanks for the help and savings!

Ms. Peebles