Can your product be used for polishing aluminum, magnesium, chrome, alloy wheels?

MAAS Metal Polishing Creme safely restores all tarnished and damaged metals including: chrome, aluminum, magnesium, and alloy wheels.

MAAS Metal Protector is recommended for clean chrome - doubles original shine.

Ron Pollichs Drag Racing Team uses MAAS Metal Polish and Metal Protector on their aluminum wheels to apply anti-static protection, repel brake dust and dirt.

Ron Pollich says during racing, fire hazards occur as brake dust builds up. This is no longer a problem since he has been using MAAS Polishes.

MAAS Metal Polish is safe for chrome plating. Use a very soft cloth to remove discoloration. After cleaning, apply MAAS Metal Protector. The super-strong protection doubles - the - shine of original finishes.