gun cleaning kit specifics
MAAS Metal Polish 4 oz
   step 1 - metal polish
  • restore, clean, polish, & protect gun metals
  • safely buff-away micro-scratches & swirl marks by hand
  • remove moisture, rust, oxidation, Pyrodex black powder, lead and powder fouling, carbon, oil & grease
  • applies corrosion inhibitor
  • remove black rings from cylinder faces & corrosive powder residue
  • remove previously used cleaners and all contaminants
  • restores original factory finish
  • will not harm lacquered wood, enamel, or other non-porous surfaces
  • anti-static formula resists lead and copper build-up.

  • easy wipe-on, wipe-off - clean & polished
  • condconditions bore for impact accuracy
  • seasons bore to resist fouling build-up
  • safely restore & polish all metals
  • non-abrasive, harmless to bore surface
  • maintains accuracy in new firearms
  • restores accuracy in old firearms
  • prolongs barrel life
   step 2 - liquid metal protector
  • superior anti-oxidation moisture displacing agent & rust preventative
  • applies custom grade appearance to ordinary finished gun stock
  • easy wipe-on wipe-off formula
  • will not harm lacquered wood, enamel, or other non-porous surfaces
  • applies deep, rich "hand rubbed" finish
  • preserve metals - protect against harsh weather, water stains & finger prints
  • polishing perfection - protects & intensifies the shine
  • double-the-shine of original finishes - guaranteed
MAAS Liquid Metal Protector 8 oz
   liquid metal polish
  • once gun is restored with step 1 & step 2, use MAAS liquid metal polish for regular maintenance
  • easy wipe-on, wipe-off
  • clean small areas at a time - while polish is still moist - wipe off
MAAS Liquid Metal Polish 8 oz
pair polishing gloves

  • polishing gloves are dry-treated with the exclusive MAAS polish formula
  • instantly remove moisture, leading, carbon burn rings, skin oils, finger prints
  • reapplies MAAS deep, rich hand rubbed appearance in seconds
  • take gloves on hunting trips to keep firearms clean & free of moisture and residue
  • do not wash - washing removes polishing formula
MAAS Polishing Gloves
1 pair treated gloves
   microfiber cloth
  • MAAS microfibers are durable and will last through hundreds of gun cleanings
  • millions of microfibers instantly draw out residue, reducing cleaning time
  • microfiber cloth provides streak-free cleaning - streak-free polishing
  • statically charged microfibers instantly attract dust - see care instructions to generate static
  • durable/reusable
Care instructions: Wash cloth by hand in warm soapy water and rinse. Be sure to remove all polishing and cleaning products. Warm water opens microfibers allowing them to release locked in dust and dirt. Then wash in washing machine. Tumble dry on warm setting to generate static in microfibers. This creates a powerful dust and dirt magnet. Tumble dry cloth separately to avoid attracting lint form other fabrics. Do not use fabric softener; this reduces static charge in microfibers. Do not iron.
2 MAAS Microfiber Cloths