Testimonial 1:

Owners, Managers

I have enclosed a couple of pictures of my motorcycle.  It is a 1972 Norton Commando Roadster.  It was rebuilt in 1976 as a show bike.  It was shown at lots of custom car and bike shows winning first place, in class awards, every time!  The bike was placed in storage in 1979.  I removed it from storage in 1997 and began a detailed cleanup process.  Even though it had been indoors all those years it was covered with a tough film of dirt and bug deposits.  I tried several products to clean it up all with no success, until I tried your metal polish.  It worked great with little effort and returned the 20+ year old chrome back to its original luster.  I have since tried it on other applications such as removing baked on bug from the front of my cars.  It almost instantly dissolves and removes the problem without causing any damage to the clear coat finish.  Impressive stuff!!  Thanks for a great product.


E.L. Goyette
Discovery Oil Co.

Testimonial 2:

I am writing to tell you about the remarkable results obtained removing corrosion from my vintage Triumph Motorcycles.  Enclosed are photographs showing the “before and after’ condition of various parts of both of Aluminum and Chrome plated steel.

Before polishing the mufflers with MAAS Creme, I believed they would require chrome plating.  Thanks to your product this was not necessary.


Jay F. Jones

Testimonial 3:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing in regards to a product recently purchased that your company makes: MAAS Polishing Crème.

In July of this year, I put a new custom windshield on my 1984 Honda Goldwing.  Just this last weekend my husband and I were entering a campground and the gate attendant let the gate down to soon and it scratched and gouged my new windshield.  The scratch and scuff marks were about 1 ft. long and two inches wide, with one scratch deep enough I could catch my fingernails in it.

Well needless to say the park owners were not the least bit interested in paying for the damage and since it was private property there was nothing I could do.  I had seen your product at the local store and remembered the package said it would restore plexiglass.  Well, I had nothing to lose trying it.  My husband used it on my windshield and it polished out all the scratch and scuff marks.  My windshield looks brand new, with only one small mark that only I see because I know where the deep scratch was.

I have been extolling the greatness of your product to everyone, so much so my boss at the truck center wants me to find out who distributes it here in Canada, because I’m sure with all the visors and bug shields and other plexiglass parts on the big rigs we would be able to sell it.

You have a wonderful product and I’m a very satisfied customer, so I thought with people, always having so many negative things to say you would like to here a positive one.

If you have other products on the market that you think I would be interested in please send me a brochure if you have one.

Thank you again,
You saved me $160.00 for another new windshield.

Brenda Braund