Testimonial 1:

I’ll admit I was anxious about your claims in Parade Magazine.  But now I am a believer.  The polish really works.  I collect brass instruments.  I’m working on a saxophone that hasn’t been polished in twenty years.  It will be restored to its original shiny color.  Wow! Thanks someone for taking time to read this note.  In this day of email and computers everyone seems to busy to say thanks.


P. Graves

Testimonial 2:

To whom it may concern,

I play a tenor saxophone that I purchased in 1962 and needless to say the past thirty five years have taken their toll on the instrument.  The original gold lacquer had faded and there was thirty five years of grime from smoke-filled night clubs etc, to put it mildly the instrument looked pretty bad and it is not wise to have musical instruments re-lacquered as it can destroy the instrument’s tone so I was resigned to playing my grungy old saxophone and taking all the ribbing about it’s appearance.

My wife had heard about your product on a radio talk show over a year ago and could never find it in any of the stores here but just last week she saw it in a local store here in Whitby and bought a tube.  She told me it would clean any kind of metal, I said “Well if it can clean my sax it will clean anything”.  I have enclosed a “before and after” set of photographs of my saxophone after using “MAAS”.  I can’t believe how well this polish has worked nor can any of my musician friends, everyone thinks that I bought a new horn, after less than twenty minutes of rubbing with “MAAS” I counldn’t believe my own eyes.

I am now a “believer” and a staunch promoter of your wonderful product.  I honestly never thought that would ever see my old saxophone in that condition again, thank you so much.

J. Deehan