Maas Polishing Crème Cleans Metals and More

By Elvin Cleveland

Every property studio has old metal pots, pitchers and serving pieces which need to be cleaned up for stage use.  Sometimes a sorry looking piece from a junk store can be resurrected for a second career on the boards with a lot of hard work.

Now there is a better substance to use than elbow grease.  Maas Polishing Crème from Germany is the very thing for such difficult reclamation projects.  It works on all metals: gold, silver, brass, copper, pewter, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum.  It can even be used to remove stains and small scratches from fiberglass, glass, Plexiglas and baked enamel surfaces.

Part of the secret formula is ultra-fine jewelers rouge, which polishes instead of scouring like harsher products do.  Maas Polishing Crème also leaves a protective luster which reduces the need for frequent repeated polishing.

The application is very simple.  Place a small amount of this concentrated product on a soft cotton cloth and wipe it over the surface to be cleaned.  Wait a minute, then use a clean, soft cloth to buff away the crème and produce a shine.  If the item is ornate, use an old toothbrush behind the cloth or use a cotton swab to butt out the crevices.  Remember to move the cloth often so that you are always using a clean section.

Maas Polishing Crème is great for nearly every polishing job.  It will remove stains and oxidation, atmospheric discolorations and scratches.  It will remove tree sap, bugs and tar from your auto, polish the chrome bumper and the plastic taillight lenses, and remove stains from the dashboard.  It removes water stains from bath fixtures and residue from shower doors.  It polishes enamel, ceramic, marble, Formica and Corian.

We tested the product on several items from the property studio.  The first item was old brass vase from India .  Although it was made from low quality brass and was not finely polished when it was made, it cleaned up very nicely with Maas Polishing Crème.  The second item was a spun aluminum tray, probably made in the 1960s.  No crème could remove the spinning marks and the prominent scratches from this tray, but it looked much better afterward.  The third item was an old silver knife which was thoroughly blackened from oxidation.  The results here were astonishing.  After polishing, it looked like new.  The last item was an old copper planter which was dingy and discolored with age.  The crème worked on it as well, producing a “new” clean prop for stage use.

Since all prior tests were so successful, we decided to try the crème on a smear of paint from the side of our new truck.  Someone who parked next to us had banged a car door into the side, leaving an ugly splotch of white paint.  Happily, a small dab of Maas Polishing Crème on a cotton cloth, combined with some gentle rubbing, totally removed the foreign paint and left our truck looking like new.

In summary, we found that Maas Polishing Crème was very effective in cleaning up some of our old metal properties and resurrecting them for stage use.  It is a very worthwhile addition to the cleaners, cleansers and polishes in your prop shop.