Please pass on this tip to your marketing manager.  You’re ignoring a huge potential market for your MAAS Polishing Crème: model railroaders.  There are hundreds of thousands of model railroaders, and all of them have one thing in common: lots of metal track that needs cleaning – often!

Since model trains use the tracks to conduct electricity and the locomotives have only the tiny bottom of their (several) wheels on the track at one time, dirty track means erratic performance, even stopping.

The common product marketed to modelers for cleaning rails is the equivalent of an oldtime ink eraser: it literally grinds off the tops of the rails, dropping grit and eraser dust between the rails.  Afterwards, the newly bare metal seems to oxidize that much faster.

Since I started using MAAS Polishing Crème, my track stays cleaner longer.

Anyway, look for the big distributors in the business and convince them that your crème should be in every hobby shop across the country.

Oh, and if this idea proves profitable for you, I wouldn’t mind a few samples! <grin>